Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charms by Kim Newberg

As you can see, I started most of my charms with a base and then collaged a variety of items on top as well as dangled many bits from pieces of chain and jumprings.

There will be a tutorial posted with greater detail and many more pics showing the different stages of creation using this method of collaging on a base. (coming soon!)

This charm used some colored chipboard pieces, the plastic bug body, a variety of beads, and I used the plastic pearls to create wings for the bug body

A heart shaped chipboard base, assorted bits collaged, some chain, and a beaded dangle.

This piece used a variety of mismatched bits including the silver lock and key. I then painted the entire piece with metalic copper, teal and seafoam green acrylics to create a copper patina look. Then all was coated with a light varnish to secure the pieces.

Another piece collaged on a chipboard base, I added the burgundy button with an image, and used up some broken jewellery and a beaded dangle to make this long hanger.

This was a round chip base, and I added the rose image. The frame around was made with those ugly plastic beads. But I dry brushed with some gold paint and a bit of glitter and waaa la!
Ahhh some of the swappees received this wicker tear drop piece from me and probably didnt have a clue what to do with it, but there are a couple that used it and came up with some fabulous ideas. Again this piece was collaged and painted to resemble a copper patina look.

This piece I used that gold square broken pieces from a belt. Many of the swappees used this piece and created som fab charms with it. The very large glass blog was a perfect accent with the bead dangle. There is also the other long gold acrylic bead I used to frame this piece and cover up the holes. However the holes were perfectly aligned to add the chain hanger.

A glass heart blob, a heart chipboard base and a variety of bits and pieces. It is amazing what a little bit of paint can do to make these plastic bits look stunning.

This one uses a beaded dangle. The members found and used lots of these from their trash bag. The epoxy heart was also in my bag of goodies and again many members found epoxy pieces in their bags too!

Another rose image framed within plastic beads. Some paint, glitter and varnish takes the look up a notch. I added the filligree base and some chain to finish it off.

You have now come to the end of the Trash to Treasure charm swap. If you would like to join in other charm swaps with all of us, come join PDA and then join the charm swappers group. Details for all can be found along the right hand side of this website. Just follow the links.

Thank-you for viewing,

Please feel free to leave comments to the artists on any of the posts.

Kim Newberg aka imagesbykim

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