Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trash to Treasure charm swap

Hi Everyone,

Below are all of the participants in the Trash to Treasure Charm Swap On the Paper Digital Art and imagesbykim ning forum.

Each participant received a bag of trashy bits in the mail from me (Kim) The bag consisted of broken jewelery, buttons, beads baubles charms, plastic ugly bits, some flowers, glass blobs, beaded parts, chain and anything else that was shiney and broken.
The challenge was to incorporate a minimum of 1 itemfrom the bag into 10 different charm creations. Then the 10 charms would be sent back to me to swap out to each participant. Then send back 10 different ones to each person.

There wasn't a specific theme for the charm creations, and the charms could be any size, medium or theme. The participants just had to show how to recycle what may have been trash into something pretty, cute or even elegant.

The finished projects are amazing, and anyone would be happy to receive some of these charms back in their collection.

Here is a sample of what might have been received in the charm bag

And here is a close up with things a little more sorted.

I will be doing a separate tutorial showing you what you can do with some of this type of broken trash and treasure bits to create some very fun art collages. Stay tuned for more information.

Please be sure to leave comments on each of the posts below to the individual artist.

There were 14 participants, so be sure to check them all, when you reach the end of this page just click the link older posts to go to the next page. You can also view by artist name along the right hand side of the page by clicking the artist name links.

Thanks for viewing, if you would like to join us in upcoming charm swaps, head over to PDA and become a member and then join the charm swapper group!




  1. If you've never participated in a Charm Swap - you're really missing a good thing.
    Next time around jump on the band wagon - you'll be surprised at how much fun they are to make and RECEIVE!

  2. A great idea but I am not sure that it is for me as it stands. Looking to other quarters to find my personal goals

  3. Hmmmmm, some of those broken bits and bobs look seriously interesting...

  4. This Sounds Like A Bunch Of Fun! And I Love Your Ideas!

  5. There are some awesome charm bits and pieces there.

  6. So many varied charms. This must have been a fun swap. Wish this challenge was still active...

  7. ooohhh how exciting, i love a challenge, what fun it would be

  8. Hi. Just stopping by on my way through PDA School. Love the creations made form so many items though.