Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charms by Thelma Findlay

Thelma made what I would call altered book embellishments. These pieces will be great for decorated book covers and scrapbooks.

Her use of the dominoe piece behind the silver bookplate frame is sweet and gives the piece some weight. I love the pink flowers incororated into the breast cancer charm.
Her style varied with each piece. I almost had the impression that she picked the trash bit and then built the finished embellisment from the ground up.

I think I had to search the most on her pieces to figure out what she used from the trash bag.

Charms by Sherry Edwards

Sherry used mostly items from the trash bag to completely make her charms. I love that! It's not an easy thing to do. I loved that she dry brushed some of the objects with acrylic paints and glitter and was able to change the look of the plastic items.
The red fabric heart looks so cute with glitter, what a great idea!

Her little art dolls are adorable, does anyone recognize the body? It's made from the brown plastic fused beads. The other doll is using the wicker piece as a background/body and this piece has 2 faces. However only the recipient will see the other side!

Charms by Sarah Upton

Sarah must have reduced her own button stash a little bit in creating these lovely winged button fairies. Each of the fairies uses a beaded dangle from the Trash bag at the tip of the tail. I also noticed that the wings are made from transparencies printed with the butterfly images from the PDA free image collection (Just had to get another plug in for PDA :)

Another piece we are going to need some tips about wiring those buttons!

Charms by Pat Upton

These are the cutest little dolls! If you look closely you will see that Pat used items from the trash bag to make either the wings or parts of the clothing. What you don't see, is that these dolls are approx 2 inches tall from head to toe! They jiggle and wiggle and look absolutely adorable in their trashy outfits! LOL
Pat we are going to be asking questions about how you made these dolls...Any chance of a tutorial? :)

Charms by Melanie Price

Melanie made beaded dangles and finished the ends with beads from the trash bag.

It is amazing how she was able to match the beads to beads from her own stash.'s a little bit scary that she has a vast collection similar to my own.... :)

A lovely assortment, great for a variety of art projects as a finishing embellishment!

Charms by Marjorie Jumisco

Marjorie took on a different approach and I must say I was impressed instantly when I saw these! She used items from the trash bag and incorporated beautiful backgrounds made from design papers and a heavy card stock or mat board. I am calling these pieces "Card Toppers" and I could see myself using these for card creations, or book cover decorations. I was able to snag one of these from the swap in my set so I am happy to be able to use my piece in an upcoming project. Although I didnt get the one with the pink flowers in the glass bottle, I sure love the idea!
What did you create with your pink flowers and glass bottle?